Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cariboo Handwoven Blanket Homes

Some Cariboo Handwoven blankets are heading to new homes after recent blanket sales in Collingwood and Ottawa.

This cotton blanket is going to a friend's Florida home. The combination of yellow, Tuscan gold,
 natural and taupe works really well, especially in the arrow and herringbone patterns.
This blanket was my Cariboo Handwoven cover photo on Facebook for a few weeks in the spring.

This tablecloth with six napkins has a beautiful array of blues.  The set stayed in Collingwood.

This Shetland wool blanket was sold at the Great Glebe Garage Sale in Ottawa last weekend.  The twill blocks are in a combination of diagonal lines and a mottled look.

This blanket also sold at the Great Glebe Garage Sale ... apparently it had lots of attention. :-)

Detail of the blanket above, which is from my Deep Forest series.  There will be more blankets in these rich shades.

I wish each new owner many years of good use and enjoyment.  Thank you for your support!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Travelling Blanket Sale on May 21

Wednesday in Collingwood, Ontario was a really fun day. The first event was a private viewing just outside town. Here are some of the blankets we displayed.

C156 | 100% cotton | $200 | Available in Ottawa

Cotton waffle weave blanket on left | Sold
SH041 on right | 100% wool | $230 | Available in Ottawa

Then it was an open house in town.  Great company and food there - thank you, Marilyn!

Set-up at Open House in evening | 100% cotton blankets

Thanks to the two kind hosts, and to all who attended. It was a memorable day!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Undulating Twill Towels

Undulating twill produces wavy, dreamy lines that appeal to many people, weavers and non-weavers alike. I took a straightforward undulating twill pattern and used two treadlings for it. I like the results. The first treadling was the one I used in my last project, which is often a good way (albeit lazy way) to begin. The second treadling was the one given in the drawdown pattern I used.

The towels are headed to hemming, washing and pressing and should be ready to go pretty soon.  Here are some samples from the loom.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Cariboo Handwoven at Cariboo Growers

Thank you to Jessica at Cariboo Growers in Williams Lake for her idea last week of displaying one of my wool blankets for sale. She looked over what I had on my blog and selected SH047. This Shetland wool blanket has twill blocks of greens, brown, grey and white, and is part of my Deep Forest series.

I was so impressed when I went back to check how she'd displayed it!

It's nicely draped over a cross-beam and she attached the info sign and some postcards with clothes pins. I love it.

Cariboo Growers is a year-round food co-operative store that features a wide range of local farm and ranch produce.  It recently reached its fourth anniversary. I'm proud to be part of a community with so many enterprising people.

That's Jessica at the counter. :-)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Eight Cotton Blankets in Blues and Greens

These blankets have had plenty of fanfare already on blog posts and Facebook. They're finished and ready to go. The first seven are machine-hemmed and $170 each. The last one listed below is fringed and $200. Hemming and fringing were done before machine washing - it's durable.

C171 | 100% cotton | 178 cm x 135 cm (70" x 53") | Sold

C172 | 100% cotton | 183 cm x 135 cm (72" x 53") | Sold

C173 | 100% cotton | 192 cm x 137 cm (75.5" x 54") | Sold

C174 | 100% cotton | 193 cm x 135 cm (76" x 53") | Sold

C175 | 100% cotton | 193 cm x 135 cm (76" x 53") | Sold

C176 | 100% cotton | 186 cm x 135 cm (73" x 53") | Sold

C177 | 100% cotton | 190 cm x 135 cm (75" x 53") | Sold

C178 | 100% cotton | 168 cm x 135 cm (66" x 53") | Sold

Friday, 2 May 2014

Big Cotton Blankets in Blues and Greens

These blankets are fun to weave. I start each one with a bit of an idea of the sequence of colours and patterns I want to use ... then it usually changes as I begin and get a new idea or want to try something different.

The first blanket I posted on my Cariboo Handwoven Facebook page a few days ago:


And here are three more:




I'll blog about the finished blankets when they're all done and ready to go.