Monday, 24 February 2014

Finished Cotton Blankets in Waffle Squares

Seven cotton blankets in the waffle square pattern are ready to go. They are 105 cm (41") wide and about 150 cm long - some are even a bit longer. This weave structure drapes well and avoids wrinkling, and the 100% cotton washes and dries easily by machine. These blankets are cozy and soft but never hot. I've heard from parents that they're great for babies and kids, and I also know they're very nice to have as an extra in the house for the sofa or bed.

CS157 | 100% cotton 

CS158 | 100% cotton

CS159 | 100% cotton

CS160 | 100% cotton

CS161 | 100% cotton 

CS162 | 100% cotton

CS163 | 100% cotton | Extra long at 178 cm 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bright Cotton Blankets in Waffle Squares

My latest project is a series of bright cotton blankets. I'm weaving them 48" wide on the loom in what I call waffle squares. This weave structure transforms into tight squares after washing and the cloth drapes well. The waffle structure makes a cozy and soft blanket that is never too warm for the wearer.

Alternating colours in each of the wide stripes of light and dark neutrals allowed me to switch the order to make stripes within the stripes. This is an effect I discovered (invented?) quite awhile ago, and you can really see it below.

I'll post all the blankets when they're finished. For now, here's what I've created on the loom.

CS157 on Loom

CS158 on Loom

CS159 on Loom

CS160 on Loom

Friday, 14 February 2014

Why I Weave

One of the reasons I weave is because I know my work is enjoyed and appreciated, and that means the world to me. Last year, a friend bought a Shetland wool blanket for a retiring colleague who had devoted a great deal of time and heart to improving the environment in her community. The blanket was a very kind gift, and the recipient was obviously delighted. Here's what she wrote to me:

"To receive your handwoven blanket as a gift was a beautiful surprise and I feel so appreciative and touched. Wrapping oneself in a blanket is not only cozy but even the thought of doing so speaks of down time, enjoying a good book and a cup of tea. But a handwoven blanket is all that and more, it adds love. I used to weave full time and people who wore my scarves said they felt like they were getting a big hug. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and can tell you love weaving very much. Your work is beautifully woven, and your design and color choice is absolutely pleasing - and I can feel the love in your creation.  
Thank you so much. Your work is much appreciated and admired."

I've received touching tributes before, but that one takes the cake. Thank YOU! :)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Finished - Big Cotton Chenille Bath Sheets

After weaving about 15 m of cotton chenille for a nice array of bath sheets and towels ... (here they are wound onto the front beam of the loom) ...

... I wove the remainder of the warp in 2/8 cotton to make some large smooth towels.

The chenille bath sheets and mats look great. My Friend With The Great Idea has already taken three, but there are a few left if anyone's interested.

Friday, 7 February 2014

10th Set of Shetland Wool Blankets Finished

Seven new Shetland wool blankets are finished and ready to go. Most are 130 cm (51") wide and 180-190 cm long unless noted as an exception.

Here they are!

SH052 | 100% wool | 200 cm long

SH053 | 100% wool 

SH054 from the Deep Forest series | 100% wool 

SH055 | 100% wool 

SH056 | 100% wool 

SH057 | 100% wool 

SH058 | 100% wool | 160 cm long 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Deep Forest Series

I've always loved forests for the many feelings they give me, including the protection I feel from a tall stand of trees or the vibrant youthfulness of a young forest. The fragrances, nuances of different light through the day, and sounds of my boots on the forest floor and brushing through the undergrowth are all really special to me.

And I melt over the sight of deep, luxurious shades of green. A dark mossy green is one of my favourites. So when I discovered two shades of beautiful green in the Shetland wool I use, I knew I'd found the start of a new series, the Deep Forest series. These greens work really well with the shades I like of near-black, dark brown and grey.

I expect to be weaving blankets for this series from many different projects over the years. For now, here are two to begin the Deep Forest series.

SH047 | 100% wool | $230

SH047 Detail | 100% wool | $230

SH054 | 100% wool | $250

SH054 Detail | 100% wool | $250