Friday, 18 July 2014

"Blankets Aren't Just For Horses!"

My sister and I both love handweaving and horses. Alison has many of my blankets and towels in her home and we both own horses. We may live at almost either ends of the country, but we are in touch frequently and she is a huge supporter of Cariboo Handwoven and a major help to me.

Alison thought of "Blankets Aren't Just For Horses!" as a way of attracting horse lovers to my wool blankets that are often in horse colours. She has a brown, grey and charcoal blanket in twill blocks that she calls her equestrian blanket, and I know one blanket owner who was attracted to hers because the accent stripes are her barn colours. So there is a lot I can do as a weaver to bring good memories to horse lovers through my work.

I decided to take Alison's idea to a new level.

Diana Vestergaard of Art Equidae photographed my horse, Blair, one rainy morning - his forelock was soaked when I brought him in and it still looks rather wet.  Diana also did the graphic design for three layouts for postcards and ads. As an experienced rider and horse lover herself, Diana got some really good shots of Blair - and it didn't hurt that she's kind of partial to him and to thoroughbreds in general. I am so delighted with her work! Then she developed all the design elements, using blanket colours for the banner and ingenious ideas like that.

The reverse side of the postcard has some information and two of my favourite quotations.

I'll be using these postcards to showcase my work, and I hope to post in tack stores and distribute other ways to catch interest.

Thank you so much, Alison and Diana. You two have been great and I really appreciate all you've done to help Cariboo Handwoven.

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