Thursday, 16 June 2016

Warping Towels

Experienced weavers will probably find this post a big hohum, unless you can help me become more efficient and don't mind letting me know. I've just woven two table runners and always like to involve a customer with the steps to produce the project; this is what I sent her yesterday.

Each inch of warp has 24 threads, which come from the bobbin rack,
through the tension box and then onto the back beam.
Here are two views from the back.
I warped on about 20 metres so that I can also weave lots of towels.

Glimpse of three cones of cotton on the bobbin rack feeding into the tension box.

Each thread goes through one metal heddle on one of eight harnesses.

The threads are gently knotted in 1”-wide clumps.

Then each thread comes through the metal reed.  The reed has 8 spaces per inch,
so there are 3 threads per space at 24 threads per inch.

The warp is tied on and a header woven to start the cloth and check for errors.
Note the t-pin in the middle anchoring a fixed thread.

This warp is almost completed, and I'm eager to unwind the table runners as well as all the different towels I've woven.