Monday, 18 November 2013

Turned Twill Towels

Turned twill is the correct term for what I often call "twill blocks." The blocks can be in diagonal lines, or in broken twill which gives each block a mottled look. Both types of treadling look great and combining them is another interesting effect. All block edges meet each other with a maximum float of three threads, and when threaded and woven correctly, make perfectly tight lines. The junction of four blocks is in the middle of this sample:

I warped 20 m of cotton last week and am enjoying the opportunity to try different effects for a range of towels.

These samples from the loom show the grouping of three warp ends in the reed, and the "rawness" of the cloth before washing. These towels last for so long from what more and more people are telling me, and I know that these turned twill towels will work well and look great when they find homes.

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