Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Four More New Wool Blankets

Four blankets are presented together below. All are 100% wool and woven in undulating twill, which creates lovely waves of gentle movement to the eye.

The first one I wove with my handspun wool that came from the Wenger Sheep Farm nearby. It has muted grey tones from natural variations in the fleece. And it's extra wide because the handspun is washed before I weave with it, so it's done all its minor shrinking before becoming part of the blanket.

The next one in the fall colours of heathery orange and gold is currently my Cariboo Handwoven photo on Facebook and has received many likes and compliments.

The last two are in blues because I can never have enough blue blankets (or towels) available. Each blanket has two harmonious shades of blue added to the greys and cream.

Here they are!

SH159 | 100% wool with approx. 50% handspun from the Wenger Sheep Farm,
Williams Lake, BC | 176 cm x 133 cm (69" x 52.5") | Sold

SH163 | 100% wool | 193 cm x 128 cm (76" x 50.5") | Sold

SH163 Detail

SH166 | 100% wool | 183 cm x 127 cm (72" x 50") | Sold

SH167 | 100% wool | 173 cm x 125 cm (68" x 49") | Sold

SH167 Detail

If you'd like more photos or information on any of these blankets, just let me know through a comment either here or on Facebook, or email me at: cariboojane "at" shaw "dot" ca.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Cariboo Handwoven's New Equestrian Collection

Many of my wool blankets are woven in earthy colours: shades of browns and greys, often with cream and black. As much as I revel in weaving bright colours for cotton towels, I often yearn to return to these wool blankets to ground me. I've always loved the beautiful neutral tones and they are so very compatible with the entire equestrian world: horses, tack, a lot of rider apparel and even the footing we ride on.

Blog readers may already know about "Blankets Aren't Just For Horses!"from an earlier post (it's a favourite).

It therefore seemed logical that my latest project of Shetland wool blankets begin a new Equestrian Collection, which I've been promising myself for years. All those browns and greys with accents are so harmonious with the horse world. And so two blankets are presented below, both woven in undulating twill; this pattern creates lovely little waves of subtle energy.

The first blanket is in charcoal, near-black (not a pure black but with a little softness) and greys, with narrow cream stripes:

SH164 | 100% wool | 180 cm x 125 cm (71" x 49") | Sold

SH164 Detail

The second blanket is in warm browns:

SH165 | 100% wool | 173 cm x 125 cm (63" x 49") | Sold

SH165 Detail

And now - let's go riding!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Four New Shetland Wool Blankets in Undulating Twill

It does seem a little odd to weave wool blankets in August, but it wasn't unbearably hot in my upstairs studio, and I was keen to have lots of blanket fringing to take on some recent travels. Totally worth it! All of these blankets are woven in undulating twill; the first one has waves going from one corner up to the next, and the three others have the waves of different sizes going back and forth in a nice way.

Here are four of the blankets, now ready to go from my studio. Please feel free to contact me at "cariboojane" at shaw "dot" ca if you're interested in any.

SH158 | 100% wool | 163 cm x 128 cm (64" x 50.5") | Sold

SH160 | Wool with handspun wool-mohair | 168 cm x 137 cm (66" x 54") | Sold

SH161 | 100% wool | 175 cm x 128 cm (69" x 50.5") | Sold

SH162 | 100% wool | 190 cm x 129 cm | (75" x 49") | Sold

More blankets to come, and more in undulating twill!