Sunday, 10 February 2019

Three Acceptable "Seconds"

I've had three items hanging around my studio for awhile and I decided to finish them and post this blog to see if there's any interest. All three are "fine" ... but each has a bit of a glitch that I hope will not bother a new owner. I don't really want to show these off to the world (other than in a blog, really Jane?) but I'd like to find them good homes.  Prices are half or less than the usual for a similar item of usual high quality.

Here they are, warts and all:

Fringed Cotton Blanket
I wove this beautiful blanket quite awhile ago and the rest of the batch has gone to different homes. This blanket is rich greens and light browns in herringbone with two shades of purple in the wide stripes of complex diamonds.

100% cotton blanket | 180 cm x 135 cm (71" x 53") excluding fringes | $100

My error was to hastily cut apart this blanket from its neighbour without leaving fringe until I gulped when I realized what I'd done. So 6" (15 cm) of this blanket is missing its fringe but the hem is secure and should be fine for years of use. (And no, I have not done that again!)

Big Cotton Blanket 
This hemmed blanket in a bold herringbone pattern has a minor flaw running lengthwise due to the small error in the alternating colours of cotton threads.

100% cotton blanket, hemmed | 173 cm x 135 cm (68" x 53") | Sold

Detail of lengthwise threading error 

Cotton and Silk Blanket Scarf
A weaving friend gave me a big load of her yarns, including some hand-dyed purple silk in a lovely shade that I wove into a big blanket scarf. 

Cotton and hand-dyed silk blanket scarf | 160 cm x 59 cm (63" x 23") | Sold

Unfortunately, I didn't notice there were two shades of the purple until I finished the scarf and looked at it and ... whoops. What you see below is a slight difference in the purple's intensity and the silk's weight (possibly why the dye was taken up differently).  This is at one end of the blanket scarf, so it could be easily tucked in and out of view when being worn.  This blanket scarf is a bit heavier than the others I've made and it is rather gorgeous and elegant other than the dyelot error below.

Difference in dyelots with darker purple at one end

Please let me know if you want to see more photos of the three items or order anything here.  I'd love to see these nice-but-not-perfect items find new homes!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Hello 2019

My early winter hiatus from weaving and blogging has happily come to a close. I used up most of my 2/8 cotton supply for towels towards the end of December then only had sufficient wool left for blankets. But I didn't feel like weaving blankets, especially in earthy tones of greys, browns and white - I've been seeing that enough looking out the window. I want bright colours and fun!

My supplier was closed for Christmas and then must have had a big backlog, based on their slower-than-usual response time to my order. Then the shipping took ... forEVER ... I've already made a note for November 2019 to ensure I have enough bright yarns to see me through the holidays and well into 2020 if needed again.

Now we're all into a new year and the days are growing longer. I'm warping up the new cottons for bath towels, something I haven't woven for awhile. I have two orders and we need some in the house, so that's all very inspiring.

Then I will be well into another wonderful year of projects, craft fairs, our farmers market, and studio visitors after eventually seeing the end of January.

Thanks to blog readers for sticking with me through thick and thin. I like checking page views and seeing where you are all over the world!

Happy 2019 to all.