Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay forms a big bulge on the eastern side of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes.  It's a special part of Ontario, Canada and even the entire world to some people I know. I spent my early summers there, running around on the smooth, glacier-scoured grey granite, and swimming and boating in the cold water, while the magic of Georgian Bay unknowingly sunk into my bones.

I wove a Georgian Bay towel for my Dad and he loved it.  To portray a profile of the water, rock, trees and sky, I started with shades of blue broken with lines of white to represent whitecaps, then into grey granite, bands of greens for the white pines and cedars, and then lots of sky at the top. Now I've made more of these towels for a special order.

As always, no two are identical, but they share the same pattern and design. The orange among the grey rock is that bright, piquant lichen.

I'll soon be back weaving Shetland wool blankets, and I'll be using this motif for the Georgian Bay collection. And I'll be back to Georgian Bay itself for a few days this August - looking forward to it!