Monday, 31 March 2014

Tablecloths and Napkins

I've already revealed that Cariboo Handwoven cotton blankets are versatile for other uses. Many make a great tablecloth as long as the sizes are right. There's growing interest, I think, in unique and classy tablecloths with matching napkins, particularly as an inexpensive way to brighten up a room or for a special table setting.

Here are two new tablecloth and napkin sets. All hems are woven or machine-hemmed, and all items can be machine washed and dried.

CTN169 | 100% cotton | Tablecloth of 190 cm (75") x 135 cm (53") with
Six Napkins each approx. 34 cm (13.5") x 43 cm (17") | $275 for the set

CTN169 Detail

CTN170 | 100% cotton | Tablecloth of 180 cm (71") x 135 cm (53") with
Six Napkins each approx. 38 cm (15") x 43 cm (17") | $275 for the set

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Big Cotton Blankets

Four cotton blankets are ready to post. All are 135 cm (53") wide and the first three are 176-180 cm long. They are great as a lightweight indoor blanket, outdoors on a hammock or at the beach, or as a tablecloth. Very versatile!

I'll be sending some of these to Ottawa next week, so if you want one there or directly from me at another location, please let me know soon. :)

(Tablecloths and matching napkins coming in a day or two.)

C165 | 100% cotton | 180 cm x 135 cm (71" x 53") | $170

C166 | 100% cotton | 176 cm x 135 cm (69" x 53") | $170

C166 Detail | Note pale green bordering diamond stripes

C167 | 100% cotton | 176 cm x 135 cm (69" x 53") | $170

C167 Detail | Diamond pattern on one side (differs slightly on reverse as in C168 below)

C168 | 100% cotton | 145 cm x 135 cm (57" x 53") | $140

C168 Detail | Note contrasting diamond pattern on front and reverse sides

Thursday, 20 March 2014

New Scarves - Part 2

I last posted the first three new scarves and here are the rest. I should add that my number of scarf wraps around the neck is my personal estimate - please refer to the length noted for your own best approximation.

S011 | Silk and cotton | 26 cm x 166 cm (65" x 10") | Two wraps around neck | $120

S011 Detail

S012 | Cotton | 26 cm x 160 cm (10" x 63") | Two wraps around neck | $90

S012 Detail

S013 | Cotton | 26 cm x 115 cm (10" x 45") | One wrap around neck | $90
S013 Detail | These colours are more accurate than above.  :)

S014 | Cotton | 26 cm x 142 cm (10" x 56") | One generous wrap around neck | $90

S014 Detail

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

New Scarves - Part 1

Three scarves are ready to show, and I will post the rest later in the week. All scarves have a warp of fine cotton (slightly thicker than sewing thread) and were woven with more cotton or other fibres, which will be included in the details with the photo. All scarves have a generous width, and I'll add how many times each scarf will wrap around your neck. :)

Feel free to check back for more scarves!

S008 | 100% cotton | 26 cm x 163 cm (10" x 64") | Wraps twice around neck | $90

S009 | Silk and cotton | 24 cm x 92 cm (9.5" x 36") | Generous cross-over at front | $90

S010 | Cotton and Tencel | 27 cm x 110 cm (10.5" x 43") | Wraps once around neck | $90

Monday, 10 March 2014

Weaving Workout

Weaving not only produces useful products, but the act of weaving includes most of the senses in various enjoyable ways. From my first slide onto the bench for the day through however long I spend at the loom, weaving makes me feel alive and well.

The sounds begin when the front beam is tightened and the ratchet and pawl clack away a few times, the last click being the slowest as I tighten the tension for the last precise amount. This process is like a friendly starting gun for me, especially when I've been away from the loom for a few days or more. Then the treadles tap away under my feet and the bobbin whirls in the shuttle. My paper bobbins make a smooth spinning sound as they unwind, in contrast to the rattly plastic bobbins needed for heavier yarns.

I throw the shuttle back and forth, kind of from one index finger to another with my other fingers below and my thumb on top. The weft bounces off the selvedge in a way that tells me, without looking, that the selvedge will continue to be straight. The weft must not pull the sides of the warp or be left loose in a loop. This is part of the skill of weaving.

As I weave, I see the developing cloth and watch for errors in the treadling as soon as they appear (and which are best avoided in the first place). The cloth grows and develops through all the sounds and sights.

Physically, weaving the full 60" width on my big loom is a good core workout. I have to lean over a bit to each side every time to catch the shuttle, over and over, and this is a big part of the weaving workout. I love it!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Scarf Samples

It was time to make another batch of scarves. The warp is fine cotton set at 30 threads per inch with equal thirds of navy, purple and alternating navy and purple in the middle. The weft is the same cotton in some scarves, or a variety of silks I had on hand. The weave structure is an interesting twill that will apply well later in both wool and cotton blankets, which I'm inspired to pursue.

Cloth samples on the loom always look rather coarse. After washing and pressing though, these scarves will soften and drape well. I'll post them later in March when they're finished.

Here are some samples from the loom of the different patterns and colour combinations.