Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Eighteenth Set of Shetland Wool Blankets

Weaving wool blankets continues to be really fun and enjoyable for me. I've woven over 100 blankets with a Shetland wool warp; most have the same wool for weft, but now and then I use my handspun wool, mohair or alpaca. These blankets soften and look better as soon as they get some use, so keep that in mind if you see them in person. :-)

Here they are, along with their current location:

SH106 | 100% wool | 172 cm x 127 cm (67.5" x 50") | Sold

SH107 | 100% wool | 170 cm x 127 cm (67" x 50") | Sold
SH108 | 100% wool | Sold

SH109 | Wool, mohair, alpaca, minor other fibres | 190 cm x 132 cm (75" x 52") | Sold

SH110 | 100% wool | 170 cm x 127 cm (67" x 50") | Sold

SH111 | 100% wool* | 188 cm x 134 cm (74" x 52.5") | Sold
* I remember buying dyed fleece at FibresWest in March 2013, which I used in this blanket.
It was quite memorable for me to get it directly from the producer. I think
 it's pure wool but it has a lovely lustre, so there could be some mohair in it.
 It was really lovely to spin. This blanket is about 50% handspun, it's very warm,
and it has a beautiful range of subtle shades of reddy browns - see detail below.

SH111 Detail | This blanket would look perfect on a leather couch.

SH112 | 100% wool | 185 cm x 127 cm (73" x 50") | Sold

If you're interested in any blankets currently in Ottawa, please email Alison: alison "at"  I'll be shipping towels to her soon this month and can easily add a blanket from my studio that interests you if you let me know. For blankets in my studio, feel free to contact me at jane "at" and I can send you more information or photos.

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