Friday, 20 February 2015

Cotton Blankets in Waffle Squares

I was really low on cotton blankets for babies and kids, and so this was my latest project. I warped on what I calculated for eight blankets and got nine. :-)  (Three are a bit short and reduced in price.) These blankets were super fun to weave! The waffle squares pattern on a 46"-wide warp was a dream for me and progress was pretty quick. I had some helpful input from Alison on contemporary colours for girls and boys, and yet many of these blankets are suitable for either.

Being 100% cotton, they're soft and cozy, and they machine wash and dry beautifully. One friend has one for her daughter and raves about how the weave structure helps her baby stay perfectly comfortable in a range of temperatures. That's really good to hear.

All of these blankets are one metre wide and about 140-150 cm long. Exact measurements are provided under each photo. Let me know if you're interested in any of them. I'll be sending several to Ottawa in my next shipment.

CS186 | 100% cotton | 148 x 100 cm (58" x 39")
Dusty rose with yellow edged in medium brown

CS187 | 100% cotton | 130 cm x 100 cm (51" x 39")
Graduated shades of pinks

CS188 | 100% cotton | 137 cm x 100 cm (54" x 39")
Navy, greens, medium blue, yellow

CS189 | 100% cotton | 134 cm x 100 cm (53" x 39")
Navy, medium blue and two greens, all separated with yellow

CS190 | 100% cotton | 145 cm x 100 cm (57"x 39")
Colours in photo are misleading - the stripes are olive green with light green and yellow

CS191 | 100% cotton | 148 cm x 100 cm (58" x 39")
Medium green, medium blue, plum, mauve

CS192 | 100% cotton | 153 cm x 100 cm (60" x 39")
Pinks and browns

CS193 | 100% cotton | 150 cm x 100 cm (59" x 39")
Plum, yellow and two shades of greeny blues

CS194 | 100% cotton | 153 cm x 100 cm (60" x 39")
Yellow, beige and white - shows colours shift in warp threading

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