Thursday, 29 January 2015

Twenty Twill Towels

By the end of 2014, my hand towel supply was down to next to nothing, so I've been inspired to weave lots of towels this winter and spring and have some fun.

This project used a 16-thread twill repeat that was initially threaded 8765 87654321 4321. I'd beamed the warp with two dark stripes, and when I got to them I thought - hey, why not use a different threading for a little variety? I still needed a 16-thread repeat and decided on 1234567876543218. This would give the towels an interesting look because the dark and light stripes would produce different twill patterns.

I began with a tie-up of 3-3-1-1

and switched to 3-2-1-2 about halfway through the warp, which gave a tighter weave structure overall.

Both look great though. I really had some fun with different colours and combinations, and what I thought would look pretty awful ended up looking not bad once off the loom, and even better when washed and pressed.

On to my next towel idea!

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