Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Twenty-Tree Twill Towels

Straight out of my last towel project, I wanted to continue integrating two consecutive lengthwise twill patterns and explore the variations from the different treadlings I could use. Towels are not only useful and beautiful to have in the home (or backpack or wherever), but I consider them like sketches for blankets. If I goof on a towel and it's not what I want - it's just a towel. However, often the goofs turn out quite well, and sometimes surprisingly well.

This project had a lighter sequence for the dark stripes, providing less contrast. I am pretty inept in my weave structure knowledge and knowing what I'm truly creating when I thread, tie-up and weave, but these recent experiments gave me some "Aha" moments as well as inspiration for more fun.

This warp was intentionally a bit longer, and from it I got 23 towels. Yes, that's a pun in the title for the sake of alliteration.

Here are some samples:

Two friends have first dibs, but there are plenty in my studio and more to come. And fourteen towels from these last two projects start their trip to Ottawa today.

They're all about 59 cm wide (23") and 60-70 cm (24"-28") long.

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