Saturday, 14 February 2015

10,000 Page Views!

One of the very interesting things about blogging is seeing all the stats. There's a lot of information available when you go into your blog's inner workings and see how the internet connects us all. I like to check my blog stats and see not only surges in interest after a new post, but where on earth viewers are located by country. There's tons more available on operating systems, browsers, most-visited posts and all that - it's pretty overwhelming.

I've been anticipating reaching 10,000 page views and it happened last night after yesterday stalled in the low 9990s.  I was pretty sure I'd be over 10,000 by this morning, and sure enough it happened. Here are some screen shots:

The last 24-hour period in which Cariboo Handwoven reached 10,005 page views

The last week, beginning with Saturday's MAJOR surge in page views

The last month of page views, showing that big surge a week ago. My post on
"Blankets Aren't Just For Horses!" really attracted a lot of interest.

Here are the countries represented in the 10,005 page views.  There are more,
and just about every part of the world has Cariboo Handwoven blog viewers. :-)

Those of you with your own blog probably have your own stories. It's all pretty interesting!

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