Monday, 4 December 2017

Feedback on a Georgian Bay Blanket

After my interview with Sheryl MacKay on CBC Radio's North by Northwest in late October (starts at about 1:45), I received an order for a Georgian Bay blanket. The one that Sheryl was admiring in the interview sold by noon that day, but I planned to make another on my next blanket warp anyway. And off it went to a CBC listener in British Columbia, who grew up on Georgian Bay and knows and loves it well.

Georgian Bay blanket - Water below and rock with lichen above

Georgian Bay blanket - layer of trees with sky and clouds above

I was really touched by the buyer's comments in an email:
The photos do not do your weaving justice. The richness of the colours, the touch of the fibers, the textures created and the amazing patterns have brought your vision of the bay into reality. I think that you've truly captured many senses experienced by being there. This will certainly be a focus in our home and a topic of discussion for years to come. Thanks for your dedication to detail.

Thank YOU!  (And I know my photos aren't great but I'm not trying to be a photographer also. :-) )
Jan. 2018 update from the owner: Well the blanket is permanently located in the living room for immediate use and visual enjoyment. All family and friends truly appreciate its beauty and your workmanship.
I hope you enjoy your blanket for many, many years.  I think you will.

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