Monday, 18 December 2017

Cariboo Resilience

This blanket has a story, a fairly long one, depending on how you want to look at it. But I'll keep this short.

I blogged through the summer about the British Columbia wildfires and their effects on my community, Williams Lake, and on my friends and family. In some ways, the summer seems a long time ago; in other ways, it doesn't seem that long ago to others.

Pat Teti, my husband, took this photo north of the city in the White Lake burn on the Soda Creek Road. He called this image Resilience and I gave out these postcards at the Medieval Market in November. The photograph shows sprouting Douglas maple in the very recent burn. People loved it.

Then I thought that a Resilience blanket might be a good idea. My plan was to emphasize the charcoal grey with the charred black stumps, and add a splash of the Douglas maple colours roughly in the middle.

SH205 | "Resilience" | 100% wool | 183 cm x 130 cm (72" x 51") | Sold

"Resilience" depicting charred soil surface and blackened stumps

"Resilience" blanket depicting sprouting Douglas maples

Cariboo Resilience will continue in different ways for all of us in 2018, I am quite sure.

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