Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Three of My Best Wool Blankets

Today I delivered three wool blankets, all generously sized, fringed, soft, and ready for years and years of use. They cover a range of natural shades of wool from the Wenger Sheep Farm north of Williams Lake, BC. I know the Wengers from years of fleece sales and spinning tales, but they no longer have sheep and so their last fleeces were really special to me.

These three blankets have a warp of Shetland wool threaded in a series of diamonds in what I call smooth and rough twill. Each blanket is woven with a variety of the five shades I spun - from white through light grey, two browns and a dark brown.

This is where I stood back and thought - "Wow, I love these blankets!"

Three wool blankets with handspun weft from the Wenger Sheep Farm

Wenger Blanket #16

Wenger Blanket #17

Wenger Blanket #18

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