Sunday, 31 December 2017

Love and Gratitude in 2017

This year goes down in my life, and maybe for many others, as one of exceptional love and gratitude. For me it went both ways. I felt and expressed a lot of love and gratitude in 2017 through various personal losses, wildfire evacuations, happier adventures and friendships. And I received a lot of love and gratitude, for which I am very thankful.

For Cariboo Handwoven, 2017 wrapped up with a beautiful comment recently posted in a June blog of cotton blankets. Here it is (beginning with a lovely salutation):
Hello Goddess of the Loom, 
My daughter knew exactly what she wanted to get her brother when he went away to university: a blanket. When we saw your creations at the Immaculata Craft Fair in Ottawa we were sold on the first of the cotton blankets in your blogpost. We bought it.  
When my son opened the box on Christmas morning, he couldn't believe how beautiful the blanket was. He took it with him out to our friend's winter wonderland of a Quebec cottage and we took turns wrapping ourselves in it all day and night.  
I know he will cherish this blanket for many years. It already has a name: couette sans bout. As his dear baby blankie was called couette avec bou, as it was a quilt (couette) with (avec) a little edge seam (bou). This is his blanket (couette) without (sans) the little edge seam (bou), although I tried to tell him that there is a seam.  
Enough of that. I just wanted to let you know that your blanket will bring much comfort to a hardworking and slightly lonely McGill student over the next many many months.

Awfully nice! And this is the blanket:

I've been in touch directly with the commenter, and we've had some fun with emails and photos. She is not only warm and kind, but very appreciative of my work.

Perfect way to end 2017 with love and gratitude - in both directions.

Thank you all.

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