Sunday, 22 March 2015

Towels in Blues, Greens and More

I'm on a bit of a happy towel binge lately, to replenish supplies here in BC and in Ottawa, and to experiment and try things. It's very easy to experiment with new colour and weave structure for towels. If it doesn't work - it's just a towel. But they inevitably all work - somehow and for someone. And I think this latest project really proves that.

These towels are an exciting blend of blues and greens, many with burgundy, purple, plum or yellow. Every one of the 21 towels was a success, in my eyes. Not one is anywhere close to a dud. This is one exciting project and I'm really thrilled with all the results.

As usual, these towels work well in the kitchen or bathroom, they're 100% cotton, and they can be machine washed and dried. Most measure about 60-70 cm long (24-28") and 57-58 cm wide (22-23"). Cost is $30 each plus taxes.

I learned, or relearned, a few things about designing my own threading draft to combine the diamonds and zigzags, and that was another success with this project. Now I have what I need to expand these towel designs into big cotton blankets. I already have one blanket order in the works.

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