Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"Still cold here in Ottawa. Couldn't cope without my beautiful blankets."

I know I have a few fans in Ottawa. My sister, Alison, tops them all but Susan is one of those close in second place. Susan is amassing a nice collection of deluxe Cariboo Handwoven blankets. She likes mohair and brushed wool, and so some of her blankets are on the fuzzy side and extremely cozy.

Here is one of hers that I remember well from last year.  It's two shades of brushed wool alternating with Shetland wool, in wide stripes of soft shades of greens. I would expect that it's softened up nicely with use and looking even better than when she bought it.

When I saw Susan's Facebook comment, I wanted to share it widely. Thank you, Susan - hope to see you this year!

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