Friday, 27 March 2015

A Winter of Spinning

Not being the type who can easily sit still and watch a screen of images for long, I enjoy spinning wool and other fibres through the long winter nights. It seems to make any TV or movie watching more productive and satisfying for me. The only exception is if I become engrossed in watching a really good thriller!

This morning I washed my winter stash of freshly spun wool and alpaca. Here it is out drying on the line.

The white skeins are an old supply of beautiful wool and mohair blended into a gorgeous fleece that was a joy to spin. The rest of the white is local alpaca from the Magnowski family of Heritage Valley Fibres. The dark brown is wool from - I don't know where. On the far left is a beige skein of plied beige and white that will be a nice little border or transition in a blanket.

I always wash spun yarns before using them to set the twist and clean them of any remaining dirt or grease. They pile up on a chair back until they go downstairs for washing and then out on the line. I look forward to using them in more wool blankets.

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  1. Jane are you spinning all of the woolen yarns that you use in your wool blankets? If you are that's AMAZING. I am well aware of the time factor involved.