Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Big Cotton Blankets in Blues and Green - Part 1

Any followers of Cariboo Handwoven on Facebook know that I've been busy weaving big cotton blankets in the last week. The warp includes three shades of blue and a fresh green, and to that I've added various purples and mauves, burgundy and other greens.  When I unrolled the front beam after the warp was used up, I was really happy with what was falling into my lap. Then, unrolled on the floor for cutting, the blankets looked even better. Washing has taken them to their next stage of completion. The last stage is use!

Here are four of the blankets - all are machine hemmed. I'll post the next four blankets soon after the two to be fringed are ready for washing and all the final steps.

C196 | 100% cotton | 176 cm x 137 cm (69" x 54") | Sold

C199 | 100% cotton | 179 cm x 136 cm (70.5" x 53.5") | Sold

C200 | 100% cotton | 178 cm x 136 cm | 70" x 53.5") | Sold

C201 | 100% cotton | 179 cm x 136 cm (70.5" x 53.5") | Sold

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