Sunday, 25 January 2015

Blankets for Valentine's Day

Two special blankets are finished and traveling to Ottawa soon. Both are my "Hearts and Chocolate" designs for Valentine's Day. Here they are with the details:

SH108 | 100% wool | 178 cm x 127 cm (70" x 50") | Sold
Rich red and dark brown with a tweedy light brown between the stripes

SH109 | Wool with mohair, handspun mohair and handspun alpaca
190 cm x 132 cm ( 75" x 52") | Sold
Wide bands of hearts, chocolate and ... snow?

The first blanket was woven entirely with my favourite Shetland wool that I've been using for several years. The second blanket started with Shetland wool on the warp with about 50% in the weft. The rest of the weft has alternating mohair and handspun mohair (hearts), handspun alpaca (chocolate), and handspun alpaca (white). This is one deluxe blanket!

If you're interested in either blanket, please contact me or go directly to Alison at alison "at" cariboohandwoven "dot" ca. She can let you know when they arrive and are available for viewing in person.

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