Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cotton Blanket in Happy Use

This big cotton blanket sold at the medieval market in November to a couple I know pretty well. They actually visited my booth three times when, after leaving, they'd get another idea of a gift they'd like to buy and back they came. By the third time, we were laughing about this.

"He" bought this for "her" for Christmas. First, a close-up of it on the loom while being woven:

And here it is finished and draped:

Recently, I gently enquired about how she liked her blanket since officially receiving it, and here's the quick reply:
I love my blanket.  It is my couch buddy.
Good to hear!


  1. Is that lavender you have with the green? It's very lovely. What inspires your choice of color combinations?

  2. Hi Ronda,

    Thanks for your questions and nice compliment. It’s actually not lavender but pale blue. That’s the easy answer! As for colour combinations, I am developing a sense of what goes together well for different results, and it depends on what I feel like doing as well as just what I’m ready for. For example, after a lot of earthy colours I’m ready for something bright! Anyway, that’s the short answer to your big question. :-)

    Thanks again, Jane