Monday, 24 February 2014

Finished Cotton Blankets in Waffle Squares

Seven cotton blankets in the waffle square pattern are ready to go. They are 105 cm (41") wide and about 150 cm long - some are even a bit longer. This weave structure drapes well and avoids wrinkling, and the 100% cotton washes and dries easily by machine. These blankets are cozy and soft but never hot. I've heard from parents that they're great for babies and kids, and I also know they're very nice to have as an extra in the house for the sofa or bed.

CS157 | 100% cotton 

CS158 | 100% cotton

CS159 | 100% cotton

CS160 | 100% cotton

CS161 | 100% cotton 

CS162 | 100% cotton

CS163 | 100% cotton | Extra long at 178 cm 

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