Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Deep Forest Series

I've always loved forests for the many feelings they give me, including the protection I feel from a tall stand of trees or the vibrant youthfulness of a young forest. The fragrances, nuances of different light through the day, and sounds of my boots on the forest floor and brushing through the undergrowth are all really special to me.

And I melt over the sight of deep, luxurious shades of green. A dark mossy green is one of my favourites. So when I discovered two shades of beautiful green in the Shetland wool I use, I knew I'd found the start of a new series, the Deep Forest series. These greens work really well with the shades I like of near-black, dark brown and grey.

I expect to be weaving blankets for this series from many different projects over the years. For now, here are two to begin the Deep Forest series.

SH047 | 100% wool | $230

SH047 Detail | 100% wool | $230

SH054 | 100% wool | $250

SH054 Detail | 100% wool | $250

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