Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bright Cotton Blankets in Waffle Squares

My latest project is a series of bright cotton blankets. I'm weaving them 48" wide on the loom in what I call waffle squares. This weave structure transforms into tight squares after washing and the cloth drapes well. The waffle structure makes a cozy and soft blanket that is never too warm for the wearer.

Alternating colours in each of the wide stripes of light and dark neutrals allowed me to switch the order to make stripes within the stripes. This is an effect I discovered (invented?) quite awhile ago, and you can really see it below.

I'll post all the blankets when they're finished. For now, here's what I've created on the loom.

CS157 on Loom

CS158 on Loom

CS159 on Loom

CS160 on Loom

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