Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Spinning

One of the joys of a mellow summer is having time to spin outdoors. Lately, I've been spinning some intriguing fleece that I bought at Fibres West last March. This fleece was produced by Jude Pilote of Ewesful Creations in Chilliwack, BC and consists of Romney, merino and other wool along with mohair, silk and Angelina (a very fine, luminescent metallic yarn used in small amounts - I had to look that up).

The colours are blues, greens and turquoise with beautiful little splashes of purple, fuchsia, watermelon and chartreuse. The colours and fibres as a combination have been fun to spin, and the three batts I have will be spun as single ply, then plied into double ply, washed, and eventually woven on a wool warp later in the year for a unique blanket.

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