Tuesday, 23 July 2013

25 Towels

I finished a second batch of towels; this time I made 25 and the last project was 28. I had to stretch my creativity for this project and that was good for me. These towels in light blue and light green with taupes and cream were a bit of a slog by the time I wove all 20 metres of cloth. I changed the treadle tie-up and then returned to my original twills, but I felt I was grasping at something that would work ... so I was particularly glad to finally see the end of this warp.

However, once the long cloth was unwound from the front beam and the towels cut apart, they looked much better stacked up and ready for hemming. Then, once hemmed, the array looked very nice out on the line drying on a beautiful summer evening.

Stacking up the towels when they were almost dry was like pressing them. And they look even better after a good pressing. I learned some things about design and how to balance colours and stripe widths.

These towels will look great for a long time without much more pressing, and I expect they will work well for their owners as they find new homes.

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