Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Williams Lake's Artwalk runs this year from Tuesday August 6 (right after the long weekend) to Saturday September 7. I'll be one of an amazing 54 artists showcasing their work in businesses and offices around town.  And ... I was invited as one of six artists to show my work in the Tourism Discovery Centre. We set up yesterday.

I decided to display one of my Shetland wool blankets. To my left (your right) is Gene's painted ram carving - he also took this photo. And behind me are four paintings on easels. This is a great promotion of the Artwalk, as the booklets will be available for tourists once printed, and we hope people will venture downtown and do the Artwalk.

Thanks to Arty Walker (aka Willie Dye) for inviting me to the Artwalk and for this special promotion.

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