Monday, 29 July 2013

Fifth Batch of Shetland Wool Blankets

It's true that I really enjoy weaving with a fine, two-ply Shetland wool that I've found. I'm now halfway through a set of seven blankets that have a warp of wide stripes in browns and alternating charcoal and very dark grey. The weave structure is twill blocks, also known as turned twill, which I've used a lot in the past and really like. Most of the wide colour stripes have a change in block threading, which increases the fabric's complexity and gives a look of wide interwoven stripes. Here are some early samples on the loom:




After this set of blankets, I'll be on to my sixth batch, again in twill blocks (I think) and different wefts to produce a wide variety of blankets.

And this is my 100th blog post. Thank you, readers!

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