Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cariboo Handwoven Travel Shawl = Very Stylish Blanket Scarf

My first set of travel shawls was a bigger hit than I ever imagined and four sold quickly from my studio. The fifth one was displayed in the local Artwalk in September for the silent auction and sold there, and the sixth was the first item to go at the UNBC Artisans of the North craft fair last month.

Somehow I am actually in fashion for once. Travel shawls are really just the very current, fashionable and practical blanket scarves which are in vogue now. Just Google "blanket scarf how to wear" and there are many ideas on how to fold a square into a triangle and go from there, or tie a rectangle as a big scarf or even wear as a loose jacket with a belt. All styles look great.

I was particularly inspired when this big cotton blanket left my studio in September:

It's fringed, has a complex pattern of herringbone and small diamonds, and I wove it with burgundy, dark purple and navy. The new (young) owner wrapped it around her neck in a very stylish and inspiring way. Fringing cotton blankets is a bit trickier than wool ones because the cotton is slippery and it's a more taxing task for the hands and wrists. But a fringed cotton blanket makes a great blanket scarf and I want to make more in other fibres, like silk and bamboo.

As for my latest travel shawls, here are the last four, all woven in waves of undulating twill, with only three available now ... let me know if you're interested in any.  They each measure approximately 150 cm x 80 cm (60"x 32") and are fringed.

Travel Shawl #7 | 100% wool | Sold

Travel Shawl #8 | 100% wool | Sold

Travel Shawl #10 | 100% wool with approx. 50% handspun | Sold

Travel Shawl #11 | 100% wool | Sold

Update: All travel shawls have now sold, the last two going at the Station House Gallery's Christmas market. That's a total of twelve travel shawls woven and sold this year! Thank to all buyers, and may the lucky recipients enjoy their travel shawl for many years. Thanks again to all involved.

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