Sunday, 28 August 2016

Fringing Travels

Not being one to sit around for too long without doing something, and with some quiet visiting coming up on my calendar, I wove six wool blankets earlier this month and brought four with me. Three are almost done, just one left to finish up sloooowly. :-)

Here are the blankets, all Shetland wool.

SH163 | SH161 | SH162

All blankets were woven in undulating twill which gives them beautiful wavy lines. But they're so stiff (and a bit whiffy from the raw wool used right off the cones) that I'm dying to wash them when I'm home. They will soften up and smell much better after then.

Here is one wrapped around a little garden angel. In this blanket, the soft tones of rich dark gold and reddish-rust go really well on the warp of browns and greys.


All this fringing progress would not be as quick and efficient as it's been without my handy fringe twister. Many weavers will recognize it.

I used one for many years but it actually wore out and broke. I thought I could manage with twisting all the fringes manually, but a weaving friend ordered one for me as a surprise gift. Now I wonder how I could ever do without one!

These blankets and more will be posted when they're finished and ready to leave my studio.

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