Monday, 5 September 2016

Four New Shetland Wool Blankets in Undulating Twill

It does seem a little odd to weave wool blankets in August, but it wasn't unbearably hot in my upstairs studio, and I was keen to have lots of blanket fringing to take on some recent travels. Totally worth it! All of these blankets are woven in undulating twill; the first one has waves going from one corner up to the next, and the three others have the waves of different sizes going back and forth in a nice way.

Here are four of the blankets, now ready to go from my studio. Please feel free to contact me at "cariboojane" at shaw "dot" ca if you're interested in any.

SH158 | 100% wool | 163 cm x 128 cm (64" x 50.5") | Sold

SH160 | Wool with handspun wool-mohair | 168 cm x 137 cm (66" x 54") | Sold

SH161 | 100% wool | 175 cm x 128 cm (69" x 50.5") | Sold

SH162 | 100% wool | 190 cm x 129 cm | (75" x 49") | $275

More blankets to come, and more in undulating twill!

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