Monday, 15 August 2016

Latest Project of Small Cotton Blankets

Cariboo Handwoven's small cotton blankets are intended mostly for babies and children, but they are lovely little lap blankets so they're good for all ages. I totally enjoy making them, particularly if there's a little one in mind who might use it for many years. And my earliest blankets are being passed on to the next generation.

All of these cotton blankets are about 140-145 cm (55"-57") long and 92 cm (36") wide. They machine wash and dry really well. Other than the first one below, all are woven in what I call waffle squares which is very comfortable - not too hot and not too cool. 

Here they are!

CS271 | 100% cotton | Twill pattern | Sold

CS272 | 100% cotton | Private collection

CS273 | 100% cotton | Private collection

CS274 | 100% cotton | Sold

CS275 | 100% cotton | Sold

CS276 | 100% cotton | Sold

CS277 | 100% cotton | Sold

CS278 | 100% cotton | Sold

CS279 | 100% cotton | Sold

Update: Only one left - CS272 near the top. Its colours are blues with plum.

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