Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Square Scarves

One of my latest ideas, which has been rambling around in my mind for quite awhile now, was to weave big square scarves in fine cottons. I've been inspired to some extent by the common cowboy custom around this area of wearing a big neck scarf, originally printed cotton bandanas but now usually in a solid colour. There has to be a story or two behind this. Well, just google "cowboy scarf" and there are tying directions, shopping opportunities and more. A big square scarf can be folded diagonally, draped around the wearer's front, the ends crossed at the back, and then tied in front, either over or under the main scarf part.  Or, just roll up into a thick length and drape around the neck.

I now have a big selection of big square cotton scarves by Cariboo Handwoven. They are all about 60 cm x 60 cm (24" x 24") but please note that some are not perfectly square.  Each one is priced at $60 plus applicable taxes. Shipping should be easy and inexpensive because I can flatten one or two in a file folder and fit in a large envelope.

Please note whether any scarf that interests you is in mercerized cotton (shiny and not absorbent, but appears like silk), wool-cashmere (soft, definitely hand wash) or silk (hand wash and you're getting a bargain). The pure cotton scarves (with no mention in caption of any unique fibres) would also make great little traveling towels. I'll present the scarves by colour.

Scarf 1 

Scarf 2 | Mercerized cotton in fairly bright orangey-red

Scarf 3 | Mercerized cotton in fairly bright orangey-red

Scarf 4

Scarf 5 | Burgundy wool-cashmere | Hand wash

Scarf 6 | Mercerized cotton in orangey-red to purple at other end


Scarf 7 | Mercerized cotton

Scarf 8 | Mercerized cotton

Scarf 9 | Mercerized cotton
Scarf 10 | Mercerized cotton in purple with bright orangey-red at ends

Scarf 11 | Dark navy

Scarf 12 | Blue with purple ends

Scarf 13 

Both black scarves would look great with a black coat or jacket.

Scarf 14 | Mercerized cotton | On hold

Scarf 15 | Mercerized cotton

Cream Silk
This one is gorgeous with very fine cream silk.  Hand wash only.

Scarf 16 | On hold

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