Friday, 18 March 2016

New Baby Blankets (Or Giant Towels, Whatever You Like)

In a recent blog, I shared some eloquent and beautiful sentiments from a dad friend whose son has a Cariboo Handwoven baby blanket. I wove a set of baby blankets, most for donations and gifts, and was so inspired that I decided to slip in another set on my project list. In other words, this is so fun that the next planned project can wait.

Here are three blankets that I'm donating - I'm happily delivering them later today.

In the second set of blankets, I threaded for waffle weave again (87654321) and continued with the true waffle weave after a treadle re-tie-up. I then changed back to the waffle squares pattern for the last five blankets.  Most of these blankets finish at about 1.5 m long by 1 m wide (roughly 60" x 40").

Here are some pics and close-ups from the first set of blankets (some are still available for sale):

CS237 | 100% cotton 


I've been told that the waffle squares pattern creates a very consistent air temperature around the baby or child - it's not too hot because the tiny spaces disperse extra heat, but it's still cozy and warm.

And here are two blankets in the classic waffle weave that people usually know best from store-bought dish towels. Waffle weave forms little pockets that make the cloth three-dimensional and very cozy. Or, extra absorbent as a towel.

CS244 | 100% cotton | Sold


CS245 | 100% cotton | Sold


The second set of blankets has a warp of blues on which I'm weaving more blues and different colours. The combinations are beautiful.

CS249 on loom | Waffle weave

All these blankets are made with interesting, compatible colours and are machine-hemmed, and they can be machine washed and dried.  Some have been passed down from one generation to the next, that's how long they last and are loved.

And there are more coming! Let me know if you're interested and would like photos of certain colours or anything specific.

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