Monday, 7 March 2016

Thoughts from the Father of a Baby Blanket Owner

Pat, my husband, hired a summer student years ago, who was a really great person. This guy later married his girlfriend (who is also very special to us) and they have a son who is now five years of age. I sent them one of my cotton baby blankets when he was born. I recently received this from the dad:
[Our son] every night is wrapped warmly in your beautiful blanket. I enjoy feeling its fine, yet strong, texture. Though used daily, it still seems new. It comforts him with warmth, and comforts me as I tuck him in, thinking of you and Pat and our friendship.
And that is one of the most important reasons I weave. Or why anyone could possibly want to create.

Now I'm weaving more cotton baby blankets for some expectant young friends as well as for a local church drive. Posters around town show a baby wrapped in newspaper, depicting the limited options of some parents for their babies, and requesting donations. I hope some of my blankets will help to wrap up babies and then the newspaper can go.




This is a true waffle weave pattern, but since it doesn't form the classic pocketed cells I call it waffle squares. These blankets are fun for me to weave - for many reasons.

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