Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Some New Wool Blankets, Some with Mohair

I've skipped posting all of my wool blanket projects through the winter, but I'm sharing this one which I think is my 24th set. I usually weave seven blankets at a time and by then I have kind of had it with the warp colours and want to move on to something new. But I am always back to wool blankets.

Here are four new ones available:

SH146 | 100% wool | 178 cm x 128 cm (70" x 50.5") | $275

SH148 | 100% wool | 180 cm x 126 cm (71" x 49.5") | Sold

SH149 | Shetland wool with handspun wool and handspun mohair |
183 cm x 135 cm (72" x 53") | Sold

SH149 Detail

SH150 | Wool and ~ 25% mohair | 195 cm x 133 cm (77" x 52") | Sold

SH150 Detail | This is a soft but not overly fuzzy blanket

I have three more blankets coming from this project (they are currently being fringed) and another similar project just finished with all seven blankets waiting for fringing. The design is similar but the colours are earthy.

SH156 | 100% wool (about 50% handspun) 

I always enjoy sending more photos, answering questions or just responding as best as I can to any queries. So query away if you're interested or curious.

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