Monday, 1 February 2016

Photo Contest!

Announcing a photo contest opening today, February 1, and closing on March 31 at midnight Pacific Daylight Time.

Send a photo of your Cariboo Handwoven blanket, towel or scarf in a unique pose or use. Think of an exotic location, creative use of props, or some other way to grab attention. Pets are allowed, but no people.

The winner will receive a hand towel with free shipping or delivery, in the colours of their choice based on what I have in stock or will soon be making.

Send your pic to Jane at [jane "at" cariboohandwoven "dot" ca] or my usual [cariboojane "at" shaw "dot ca]. I'll share the winning photo on this blog and the Cariboo Handwoven Facebook page.

Thanks for your interest ... have fun with this!

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