Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cotton Blankets

Two friends asked me to make custom tablecloths - which can be identical to a hemmed blanket, depending on one's wishes or needs. The warp is the full 60" width on my loom and the cotton is lovely to weave. I know that these finished blankets are really nice to wrap up in. They're cozy and soft but nicely warm.

Here are some samples from the loom:

C141 | Wide stripes in yellow and Tuscan gold with narrow stripes in natural

C144 | Yellow and Tuscan gold with natural

C145 | Olive green, brown and medium blue wide stripes with narrow black

One of the amazing surprises in this project was finding a threading flaw after weaving almost the entire 20m warp. It was only when I viewed the above photo that I thought ... "What?!!" Can you see it? It's not serious, and if it eluded me for this long then I hope no one else minds it.

Let me know if you're interested in photos of these finished blankets/tablecloths or of any other ones in this project.

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