Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Big Cotton Blankets

These cotton blankets were woven in complex twill patterns in soft neutral colours with different combinations of more neutrals with yellow and Tuscan gold, as well as in stronger colours such as blues, burgundies, brown and olive green. These blankets are large, ranging in size from about 170 cm to over 2 metres long, and all are about 136 cm (53.5") wide. They drape well and become a favourite both indoors and also outside in warmer seasons.

Here are some samples:

C141 | Beige, yellow, Tuscan gold, natural | $160

C144 | Similar to C141 but with narrow natural stripes throughout | $160

C145 | Olive green, brown, medium blue herringbone with narrow black stripes | $160

C147 | Burgundies, medium blue, olive green, brown | Extra long (206 cm) | $175

C148 | Blues in diamonds and herringbone | Extra long (207 cm) | $175

Please contact me if you're interested in more information or photos of any of these big cotton blankets.

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