Tuesday, 29 October 2013

"Autumn Storm" Blankets

Earlier this fall I was inspired by an impending storm in the distance. The darkening clouds against the bright golden aspens, red and orange willows and shrubs, and dark green Douglas-firs and lodgepole pines presented a remarkable blend of energies. The imminent cold rain from the dark clouds against the bright fall colours and dark conifers led me to thinking about this contrast. This increased at the thought of finding refuge as well as the warmth generated by my body when I picked up the speed to get home in time.

The Autumn Storm series of Shetland wool blankets uses these colours to create a similar energy and warmth: the dark and lighter greys of the clouds, bright oranges and gold of the aspens, birches and shrubs, and the warm green of the conifers.

Part of the sequence of the Autumn Storm warp

The blankets will be quite different in appearance when finished.

SH031 | 100% wool

SH031 | 100% wool

SH032 | 100% wool with approximately 50% handspun

SH033 | 100% wool

SH034 | 100% wool

I'm looking forward to weaving the rest of the warp, and then fringing and washing the blankets.

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