Thursday, 25 April 2013

Memories Blankets in a New Twill

With an unexpected time slot and some perfect colours on hand, I decided to slip in another set of cotton Memories Blankets that would suit a baby or anyone older. I decided to try a new twill pattern that is easy to thread because it's a 24-thread pattern and I'm weaving 24 threads per inch. That works out to one pattern repeat every inch - nice and simple, with a built-in check after every section.

I am amazed at how stunning this is!

I've been playing around with the pattern drawdown in my reference book and using my own treadling to make the colour shifts more precise. This is something I want to examine more often in future weaving projects - looking very closely at the information I have and improving on it for my purposes.

These Memories Blankets will look even better when hemmed and washed, and I want to use this twill again for towels and blankets.

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