Monday, 1 April 2013

Fibres West - Q'Ente Booth

Q'Ente had a very interesting booth at Fibres West last weekend.  Q'Ente calls itself a textile revitalization society, meaning that Q'Ente works to revitalize the culture and economy of the Sacred Valley of Peru through its support of local weavers. I met Catherine and Gail, and had good chats with each.

There were Peruvian textiles for sale at their booth, all of which are absolutely beautiful - bags, table runners, ponchos and more.

Many of my friends have either traveled to the Sacred Valley or volunteered there to improve the lives of indigenous peoples. The local textiles are distinctive and exquisite, and all the more special because the intricate patterns are woven without harnesses. I'm fortunate to have some Sacred Valley textiles in my own home and studio.

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