Saturday, 20 April 2013

Another 27 Towels

I know I've had a long warp of towels produce the rather odd number of 27 before - just did it again. Here is the end of the project with almost all 27 wound onto the front beam; I think all weavers must enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

This project began with a request to produce some teatowels to suit a kitchen with a black tile floor, birch cabinets, and a countertop in black and brown granite. I decided to match the cabinets and countertop and then add some black for a bit of an executive look. Here are some samples:

Then I had some fun with other colours and designs. Towards the end of a long warp I tend to get pretty keen to finish up, but then the last few towels are often my best ... and then I wish I had just a metre or two more to play with.

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