Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Waffle Weave - Before and After

Waffle weave is widely known as a representation of the tasty waffles that go under sticky syrup. This weave structure has interesting variations, however, and one of my favourites is easy to weave and fantastic for soft, drapable cloth, whether for cotton towels or blankets. I call it waffle grid.

As with most, if not all, woven fabrics, washing is a very important final step. Washing enables the cloth to do its thing. I often see commercial waffle towels that do not appear to be washed - they are going to really transform (and probably shrink) as soon as they see water and soap.

So, my example below is first, the "before" waffle grid pattern on the loom:

And after washing:

This close-up shows a purple stripe that is formed of two close shades of purple, with denim blue weft going across. It makes a rich, beautiful blend of colours.

Photos of completed Memories Blankets are coming next.

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