Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fibres West

Today I attended Fibres West at the Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds in BC's Lower Mainland.

Fibres West is an annual two-day festival of workshops ... (that's a dyepot) ...

... with demonstrations of carding, spinning and lace making, and a huge trade show where I met a lot of great people and learned a ton.

There was a preponderance of beautiful hand-dyed fleeces and yarns, and many of the vendors had eye-catching, irresistible goods for sale.

My car is a little heavier with some beautiful wool fleeces of silvery Shetland, dyed heathery Romney and richly dyed mohair rovings. I cannot wait to dig into this stuff when I'm home; I certainly have a good supply to last me awhile at the spinning wheel to weave some great blankets later.

What a super experience to be immersed for most of the day in such a blend of interesting people and fibres.

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