Friday, 15 March 2013

Green Tablecloths and Blankets

A friend asked me to weave a large tablecloth in a similar rich blend of greens as his Cariboo Handwoven towel. His desired size was six feet long by 52-53" wide, which is the exact maximum width I can weave. We enjoyed the process of designing the colour combinations and weave structure. He's a painter and really knows colour, and he kindly lent me his book "Making Color Sing" after we met.

Here are the cottons ready for warping:

The warp has wide stripes and will be woven in twill herringbone, diamonds and arrows.

The greens will blend well for both tablecloths and lightweight blankets, some of which will be approximately 50% cotton and 50% wool. I'm looking forward to the weaving and finishing processes.

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