Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Three New Blankets in Ottawa

My sister in Ottawa has three new blankets for sale, starting with two of 100% wool:

On the left is B120, which is greys, cream and a soft sand-coloured wool.  On the right is B119 which is all greys (it was drying on the line in my last blog).  B120 is almost six feet long; B119 is a little shorter.

The green cotton one she has is CG120 and it's also large: over six feet long and as wide as I could weave on my loom - 52 inches finished size (that's 1.85m x 1.32m).

Please feel free to let my sister or me know if you're interested in any blanket, especially if you're in or near Ottawa!


  1. How much are the blankets?

  2. The two wool ones are $190 each which includes HST; shipping costs are additional. The green cotton blanket costs $160 - same conditions as above.
    Feel free to email me directly if you'd like!
    Thanks for asking,